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Examples of tasks you can automate

  • Booking containers/flights/
  • vessels
  • Goods-receiving
  • Import/export declarations
  • See more

  • KYC/customer-onboarding
  • Claims-processing
  • Policy updates/administration
  • See more

  • Accounts payables
  • Accounts receivables
  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation
  • See more
    Human Resources
  • Recruitment admin
  • New-staff onboarding
  • Payroll admin
  • Regulatory reporting
  • See more
    Sales and Marketing
  • Order-processing
  • Leads-gathering
  • Email classification
  • Preparing quotations
  • See more
  • Generate maintenance reports
  • Process loans
  • Predict purchase
  • Manage inventory
  • See more
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    Functions Free Gleematic A.I
    Document-Processing/ Pull info from PDFs/ OCR (English) 500 pages per year Starting from 10,000 pages per year
    Document-Processing/ Pull info from PDFs/ OCR: Chinese, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Korean Starting from 10,000 calls per year
    Computer Vision (Image Recognition) 500 calls per year Starting from 10,000 calls per year
    Machine Learning/ Predictive Analysis 500 calls per year Starting from 10,000 calls per year
    Multiple NLP Capabilities: Sentiment Analysis, Text-classification, etc. 500 calls per year Starting from 10,000 calls per year
    Screen Automation: Mouse clicks/ keyboard strokes/ enter and extract data from systems/ etc. Unlimited Unlimited
    App Integration (Excel, Word, CSV, XML, Read/Write to databases) 2,000 per year Unlimited
    Code-based instructions 2,000 per year Unlimited
    Accessing important Apps (e.g. SAP/ Oracle/ ERP/ CRM/ etc.) 2,000 per year Unlimited
    Scheduling Unlimited Unlimited
    Error Management Unlimited Unlimited
    Software Updates Yes (Optional) Yes (Flexible timing)
    Online training Yes Yes
    Support Online Forum Free at Online Forum.
    Paid support: Phone + Email + On-site
    License Activation Online activation Online and offline activation

    System Requirements for Gleematic

    Operating System Windows 64-bit
    Processor* Speed 2.4GHz
    *Must have AVX support
    RAM 8GB 16GB
    Disk Space 5GB 8GB
    Graphic Driver OpenGL V2.0
    Minimum Recomendation

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